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8 People Who Mysteriously Appeared Out Of Nowhere (And 9 Who Vanished Into Thin Air)

Many people often wonder if there are parallel universes out there – and if so, how people could visit one. The most common theory out there is that there are other dimensions that are literally right on top of the one we currently are in. According to some legends, these alternate realities can be visited by going to a place that has a thin barrier between the two worlds. These unique places have been called a variety of names by those who believe in them: vortexes, portals, and dimensional rifts are some of the most common names.

Much of the reason that people believe these vortexes exist is because of the strange disappearances that have been catalogued throughout time. There are some events and occurrences that simply can’t be explained without something paranormal possibly being at hand. After all, it’s not like people can appear then blink out of existence without there being a shred of evidence as to where they went. However as these disappearances and appearances show, there’s not always a logical explanation available.

Some places, such as the Bermuda Triangle or the Skinwalker Ranch, have been credited for being a common place of disappearances and appearances because of their reported interdimensional holes. Other places just get fame because of a single strange event that happened there. Whether you believe in parallel universes or not, these 17 cases will definitely have you scratching your head.

17. Kaspar Hauser

No one has become more well known for his mysterious appearance than Kaspar Hauser. Born sometime in the early 1800s, Kaspar Hauser made his first appearance limping through the streets of a German city, holding an envelope addressed to a cavalry captain in Nuremberg, and only capable of saying one or two sentences.

Locals, curious by his strange behavior, decided to try to offer him a meal of beer and sausage. He refused, examining the food as if he’s never seen it before. Eventually, they gave him black bread and water, which he ate voraciously. After some questioning and letting him stay over for a while, they began to question him about his past.

At first, all he knew how to say was his name, “horse,” “I don’t know,” and “I’d like to be a rider like my father was.” So, the locals began to teach him German to pry more answers out of him. What the locals eventually found was that he didn’t know where he was from, who his parents were, and that he grew up in a darkened cell that was too short to actually stand up in. Because he never stood up or walked, his gait was a semi-limp. The only toy he had was a horse, so in the beginning, anything that made him happy was called a horse.

Soon, the royal courts took an interest in him, and the royals locked him up in a tower while they investigated him. The envelope contained two letters that basically backed up Kaspar’s claims, and the man became an immediate celebrity. In one of the letters, the writer warned that Kaspar may have to be killed if he can’t become a rider – but no explanation was ever given.

Even with the dangerous warning, people seemed to love Kaspar and his mysterious life. For most of his life thereafter, he was a beloved part of the royal court. However, multiple people had tried to assassinate him for reasons that remain unknown today. He was found stabbed to death in 1928, at only 21 years of age.

In an equally enigmatic turn of play, his tombstone read: “Here lies Kaspar Hauser, riddle of his time. His birth was unknown, his death mysterious. 1833.”


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