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5 Essential Oils That Can Help Reset Your Hormones

Herbs offer a wide plethora of healing properties, and their ability to positively affect hormones is one of them.  Thyme, holy basil, clary cage, sandalwood, and myrtle are the five herbs which are of particular interest to hormonal health. Some of the major hormones in the body include: Adrenal hormones: …

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Fans Slam Davido As He Celebrates Baby Number 3

Some people may just no longer be here for Davido’s playfulness anymore, as it has been made known via comments on a  recent photo of him with another baby. The singer, who already is father to daughter Imade, took to social media a few weeks back to announce the birth …

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Eat one of these 17 foods the next time you feel sad or anxious – you should start feeling better in minutes

There are more than 100 billion neurons within the human brain, all of which maintain communication with each other through chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which provides drive, focus, and motivation. It also plays a significant role in mental disorders like schizophrenia, addictions, depression, and ADHD. Dopamine: …

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Fast way to get your nigeria passport

International Passport alongside other documents like visa is required by any citizen trying to travel out of the country and Nigerian International Passport is a vital travel document issued to Nigerians by the Federal Government for the purpose of International travel. It is said that many Nigerians do not know …

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