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16 Celebs Who Had A Need For Speed…And Died

There’s just something about celebrities and cars. Ever since the famous dancer Isadora Duncan killed herself with a car because of a wardrobe malfunction (more on that one later) way back in 1927, we’ve been watching the bourgeoisie speed off into the sunset at a prodigious rate. Maybe it’s the fast and loose lifestyle that so many of our stars lead thatdrives them (did you see what I did there?) to mess around with fast and powerful cars. Maybe those cars give them sense of freedom they can’t get when surrounded by paparazzi and studio execs. For some of them, guys and gals alike, it’s all about the need for speed- the faster the better. Or maybe it’s just the status symbol aspect of the whole thing; after all, these are people who aspire to the lifestyle of the rich and famous, as that old show once put it.

Of course there’s a whole dark side that comes with the confluence of celebrity and speed. How could there not be? There’s always a dark side to the world of celebrity- otherwise, why would we care? Nobody would be interested in our Hollywood heroes if every star’s story had a fairy-tale ending. We like the dirt, we need the dirt and when it comes to stars and their cars, there’s plenty of dirt to find. Because guess what? More celebs than you can fit in a Clown Car have paid the price when they’ve gotten behind the wheel. Or called “shotgun.” Or passed out in the back. Or stood too close to the curb. Or… well, you get the point. The following 15 celebrities may not have expected to go out the way they did but they sure did give us one last wild ride to remember them by.

16. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

Everybody remembers the girl rap group TLC and all of their hits, right? “Waterfalls,” in particular, was a huge, monster hit back in the day. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, one of the founding members and driving forces of the band is, unfortunately, more infamous nowadays for dying in a car crash. Which is weird, because for a while she was more infamous for setting fire to her boyfriend’s, NFLer Andre Rison, house. That crazy story supposedly happened during a drunken fight between the two which culminated in her trying to burn his shoes in the bathtub- whoops! Anyway, “Left Eye” had four Grammies, tons of songwriting credits in TLC, and a very brief but spectacularly successful solo career before she died. While on vacation in Honduras in 2002, Lopes swerved to avoid an oncoming car that was headed straight for her vehicle. She went off the road instead and sadly, that was the end of “Left Eye.”


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